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Helping you stay one step ahead on your journey

  "You only have to be one step ahead to help the person behind you." 
Being anywhere on the 'recovery' continuum requires support, and a LOT of it! Resources can be hard to find. Finding support services that specialize in Eating Disorders is even harder. Sometimes there are so many hits on a Google search that you're not sure where to start clicking. You want an answer and you want it NOW! Been there, done that.

While this is by no means a 'catch all' page I want to share some resources I have found helpful as well as ones I come across as time goes on. Some are Facebook, others are web based, some are both. Take a look. Check out their sites. Contact them. Even if they can't help you they may have places to which they can refer. 

Grace Recovery Counseling for Eating Disorders   - Amanda Washel specializes in outpatient counseling (including online) for eating disorders and co-occurring diagnoses. Also on Facebook.

Beating Eating Disorders  - website that includes daily blog features and FB community supporting all those affected by EDs personally or via loved ones. I have had a few blog posts shared on this site as well. Also on Facebook.

Columbus Nutrition Counseling - Nutrition counseling from RD/LD Kristen Wallace specializing in eating disorder recovery. Currently on FB with website page under construction. Kristen worked and trained at the Center for Balanced Living before going into private practice.

Center for Balanced Living  - Central Ohio's largest eating disorder facility with various levels of care except inpatient. Counseling and nutrition services available as well as research and current information on EDs and ED treatment options. Also on Facebook.

National Eating Disorders Association - national organization advancing the research, care, and support of eating disorder recovery. Also on Facebook.

The Mighty - publishes real stories by real people facing real challenges. They are building a brand and a community around them. Having a disability or disease doesn’t have to be isolating. That’s why The Mighty exists.  Various online communities. Also on Facebook.

Eating Disorders Online - Online community and resource center for all aspects of eating disorder recovery and types. Includes a 'Reading Room' and page for state by state search for resources. Packed full of information and resource links.

ED Referral - in partnership with the American Eating Disorder Association, an online easy search tool for information and treatment resources including treatment centers and individual providers.

Have you found a resource online somewhere?
Send it to me so I can look into posting it here for the benefit of others.

As I surf the internet and get involved in various communities from time to time I meet someone willing to share their story. If you are interested in sharing your story - no matter what point in your journey you find yourself - email me so we can chat.

Meet SARA.
I recently met Sara in the Facebook community page called Beating Eating Disorders. She posted her story there and graciously allowed me to share it here .