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Helping you stay one step ahead on your journey

  "You only have to be one step ahead to help the person behind you." 

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WELCOME to My Step Ahead! I’m so glad you’ve stopped by and hope you become a frequent visitor. As it grows and develops this site will host blog posts, articles, songs, links, testimonies and more from folks just like you and me who simply want to tame the eating disorder monster.  It is my desire to walk this journey with you, and have you join me on my journey toward recovery. Together we can encourage, learn from, and challenge each other. Recovery often feels elusive, frustrating and confusing. We need each other. And the glory is….you only have to be ‘one step ahead’ to help the person behind you.

I sat in church in 2015 and the pastor was talking about growth. He asked the question ‘what does it take to help someone grow?’ The answer was ‘to just be one step ahead.’ This year (2016) during Thanksgiving I found myself fighting for my recovery and encouraging others at the same time. It seemed weird. Here I am still figuring things out and I’m finding myself trying to help others. And that line came back to mind. It silenced the ED mind that whispers accusations of inadequacy. And the lighthouse of hope shined a little brighter and before I knew what was happening the thought for this site was born.

It is my desire to walk this recovery road together. I welcome your comments and discussions. I hope you find something useful here. It is a work in progress, as are we all!

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- Sue